Just Married

Maree Archuleta and Stephen Warner
March 12, 2016

getting personal: Maree and Stephen met through a youth orchestra program as teenagers (but didn’t date until college), so they incorporated small details as a nod to their roots. Her bouquet and his boutonniere were wrapped with violin and cello strings, and a string quartet played for their ceremony. escorted by both: In Hindu weddings, both parents lead the bride to the wedding stage, so Maree’s parents both led her down the aisle. arizona style: The couple grew up in Tucson, so their wedding had Arizona flair, with succulents in the flower arrangements and a Mexican-themed menu. take some home: Stephen’s grandparents had once owned a flower shop, and his late grandfather’s favorite bouquets were the ones he made for weddings. He passed away five months before Maree and Stephen’s wedding, so guests were encouraged to take bouquets home to brighten their homes in his memory. Also, the cookie bar included bags so guests could take some to go.

Floral Designer:
Atelier de LaFleur

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