Just Married

Leslie Johnson and Macenzy Daggy
April 9, 2016

tucson beauty: Leslie and Macenzy love nature, so getting married surrounded by the picturesque Sonoran Desert was perfect for them. Nature almost played too big a role, with rain forecast for the wedding weekend. divine intervention: Rain came Friday and Sunday, but not Saturday. “I owe my dear, late friend Samantha a giant thank you for the weather,” says Leslie, who misses her friend who passed away unexpectedly just before her engagement. remembering sami: The flower bouquets included lockets that carried a photo of Samantha, but something even more special happened. “Following a moment of silence that we held to remember Sami,” says Leslie, “a brilliant red cardinal showed up and lingered in the canopy of the mesquite trees for the entire ceremony.” mom and dad: Leslie was thrilled to have both her parents walk her down the aisle to Macenzy, since she didn’t meet her dad until shortly before she got engaged. “This was a dream I thought only existed in my imagination,” she says.

Floral Designer:
Atelier de LaFleur

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Leslie Johnson and Macenzy Daggy
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