Just Married

Abby Lee and Kary Rigg
March 26, 2016

grandmothers’ stamp of approval: Abby and Kary’s grandmothers signed their marriage license during the wedding ceremony. “We love that we have intertwined our families and history into our marriage,” says Abby. pretty path to forever: With petals and wine barrels lining the aisle, Abby and Kary’s wedding colors of pink and gray were well-represented. mashtini madness: Martini glasses filled with mashed potatoes and topped with a variety of options brought compliments that have kept coming even months later. picture book: Guests placed their goofy photo booth images in a book and wrote messages for the happy couple. “It was such a beautiful and special day,” says Abby. “I feel very thankful to have had a wedding so picture perfect.”

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Abby Lee and Kary Rigg
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