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Margarita  and  the  team  at  Margarita  GoDiva’s  I  Do  Hair  &  Makeup  Artistry have lots of hair and makeup advice to impart, and one sage tidbit has to do with your wedding-day hair. “It’s important to know how it looks from all angles,” Margarita says. Front, sides, the back . . . you want it to create the perfect effect when paired with your gown, jewelry and, of course, makeup. Here, Margarita shares some of her favorite classic, romantic and sophisticated looks for the modern-day bride.



Whether with soft waves and bright colors, or brilliant hairpieces tucked against pinned curls, classic styles always carry well-defined eyes and luscious lips.


A strand-wrapped ponytail swept off the face allows winged eyeliner and rose lips to shine.


Loose waves, dramatic brows and red-red lips pair well with a gown’s lacy neckline.


A little tussle decorated with a blossoming barrette looks beautiful with shimmery shadow and well-defined bright lips.


Dark lids, fuchsia lips and an asymmetrical chignon punctuated with a pretty hairpiece and tendrils complement a gown’s high neckline.



Flowers and lace will never go out of style, and neither will the soft hues of the romantic looks.


With a flattering cheek-line curve, hair that tucks into a long barrette sits gracefully against the neck, while curled lashes and barely-pink lip color completes it all.


A dramatic floral headpiece shows off a smooth Gibson roll, carefully coiffed brows and a natural glow to cheeks and lips.


Soft pink lip color, a little blush and long lashes create a gentle combination with tumbling tresses twisted loosely off the face.


Bright lips, dramatic eyes and cheek-framing hair pair with white gowns in classic style.



For a look to carry sophistication through and through, everything about the hair and makeup is intentional, designed to be carefully stunning.


A dramatic doughnut topknot etched with a pretty band draws the eye to blushed cheekbones, winged eyes and plump pink lips.


A loose but deliberate fishtail side-braid accents the lacy gown, while tendrils, deeply colored lips and dark eyeliner add a touch of flair.


When hair is slicked into a knotty nape-of-the-neck chignon, makeup brings a gorgeous face forward with eyeliner wings, dark underlining, smoky shadow and matte lip color.


Perfect long lashes against smoky lids, darkened brows and shiny bright lip color mix well with an asymmetrical headband against bumped-up hair.

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