Insider Perspective
Some of our favorite photographers share their advice for a fabulous wedding day.


“Have a second person to cover your cocktail hour, while you’re off with me taking photos with a sunset backdrop.”


Chris Richards
Chris Richards Photography

The perfect event for photographers? Small, single-location . . . with smaller bridal parties, lots of cute kids and time built into the schedule for relaxed photography during the golden hour leading up to sunset and dusk.

Consider hiring a planner. My clients who have the most genuine smiles on their wedding days are the ones with the least worries, because someone else is taking care of all the details.

Schedule a pre-wedding photo session. I get valuable feedback from my clients after a session about what works (and what doesn’t). It makes a difference on the day of the wedding.

Trust your photographer to take the photos that made you choose them in the first place. Don’t surprise them with dramatic Pinterest photos you want to re-create on the day of the wedding. Trust a good photographer to make even a humble event look like an unforgettable affair.


“Enjoy each moment with family and friends.”


Scott Rice
Scott Rice Photography

Make sure you not only like your photographers’ photos, but also make sure you like them. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, it will show with more relaxed, fun and genuine photos.

Leave between 45 and 60 minutes of time just for the bride and groom during evening sunlight to have portraits taken.

Hire a planner. There is so much value in having a point person who takes care of all the important details.

Look back at the photos to relive the day and remember the magical moments.


“A well-thought-out timeline is a must.”


Steven and Alisha Palm
Steven Palm Photography

A wedding planner can assure a smooth day and allow all vendors to get into their necessary creative zones.

Hire the A-team of full-time wedding industry vendors. Your wedding day is not the time to hire part-time help!

No rushing. Allowing enough time to get the shots is key to the best wedding photos.

Make sure your photographer is someone you like, trust and can be yourself around.


“Weddings are full of emotions and sometimes surprises.”


Amanda Rockafellow
Amanda Rockafellow Photography

Whatever happens, have fun and keep your head up.

Wear a veil and make it long! Long veils make a beautiful statement (and are stunning in photographs).

Brides and grooms, send a heartfelt note or gift to the room where the other is getting ready. This gesture gets the other excited (and makes for great photographs).

Light up! Whether indoors or out, additional lighting in dark spaces creates a sense of depth and warmth. Add candles, lanterns, spots, twinkle or bistro lights. It makes a huge difference in the ambiance and gives your photographs more dimension.


“Remember, they will never start without you. Smile! Love your day!”


Shelley Welander

Lighting lighting lighting! The best time to shoot portraits is during the golden hour before sunset.

Do the “first look.” This gives us lots of time prior to the ceremony to do a lot of amazing photographs. (The “first look” is a moment staged away from family and friends, where the groom sees the bride for the first time on their wedding day—all captured by the camera, of course.)

No matter what happens, everything will be okay. Rain, wind, broken flowers, late bridesmaid, lashes falling off . . . it will all be your day, your very own wedding story.

Slow down, take a deep breath and truly be there. It goes by so fast and we are there to capture every little thing.