Just Married

Grassia Melendez and Ranjith Shetty
March 25, 2017

Latindian Love: Grassia and Ranjith merged their two cultures into their wedding to create an event that celebrated the combination of their El Salvadorian and Indian roots. They had a traditional Western ceremony, and included a traditional Saptapadi to honor Ranjith’s Hindu background. They read a poem, “Latindian Dharma,” which Ranjith had written the day he proposed to Grassia. Rigley and Bodhi: The couple’s two dogs provided ring-bearer services, dressed in little tuxedos. Red Sunglasses: The wedding colors were red, gold black and ivory, and one highlight was the red sunglasses dance party, “where we got to dance the night away with our dearest friends and family,” says Grassia. Time Repeats: The same people who signed Grassia’s parents’ wedding license 38 years ago also signed hers and Ranjith’s.

Chris Richards Photography

Event Designer & Wedding Planner:
Rackel Gehlsen Weddings & Events

Black Sheep Filmworks

Satyr Entertaiment

Hair and Makeup Artist:
Margarita GoDiva’s I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry

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