Just Married

Christina Coumides and Bryan Reisner
March 18, 2017

True to Them: Christina and Bryan worked together to make the celebration of their love completely true to them—and even found ways to make wedding planning fun, including singing a song by The Moldy Peaches that they revised to be all about them. Time Capsule: Dearly Beloved I Thee Red (wine) and love letters went into an engraved wooden box, which they nailed shut during their ceremony, to be opened in five years. A Lovely Love Story: The book about dinosaurs themed the wedding in many ways, including with a reading by Bryan’s sisters. Quirky Duet: The two sang their Moldy Peaches song—Bryan on guitar, Christina shaking the egg—and guests joined in, which warmed their hearts. “Our wedding was truly like something out of a storybook,” says Christina.

Skyline Country Club

Steven Palm Photography

Floral Designer:
Posh Petals

Jaynie Rossi Signature Cakes

Endless Decor

Bridesmaids’ Dresses:
Bella Bridesmaids

Red Diamond Rentals

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