Just Married

Jessica Srajer and Matthew Berry
May 6, 2016

From Far and Wide: Jessica and Matthew’s guests flew in from all around the United States. So Sentimental: The wedding toasts were the most touching. “Hearing people you love speak about you and the happiness they wish upon you is incomparable. Matt and I never felt so lucky,” says Jessica. Classy and Neutral: The wedding color scheme included whites, golds and a touch of champagne, and the flowers were mostly white, with bouquets loosely gathered for a romantic feel. Do Us a Favor: Matthew’s mother made miniature handmade boxes for each guest. “She took so much time making sure they were pressed, stamped and folded correctly. It made having them that much more special,” says Jessica.

Genevieve Pohoretsky and Ryan Compton
Ashley Basij and Samuel Barbara
Erin Riordan and Ben Wilder
Sheryl King and Byron Shelden
Jessica Srajer and Matthew Berry
Christina Coumides and Bryan Reisner
Eunice Boo and Brian Yoo
Krista Altermatt and John Watson
Taylor Thompson and Brian Eldredge
Sarah McAloney and Ezra Muir
Grassia Melendez and Ranjith Shetty
Alyssa McCutcheon and David Denuyl