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We channeled our inner bridal divas for this decadent cover shoot, captured by the talented Chris Richards. Through his lens, you get a view of our dream wedding experience, which we staged in the oh-so-elegant Gigi Bridal Boutique. The boutique's French styling in blue with underlying silver and gold tones is reminscent of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.


Behind the Scenes at the Tucson Bride & Groom Photoshoot

Our cover is more than just a pretty face, involving so much more than surrounding a beautiful model with delicious treats. Photographer Chris Richards arrived wee hours of the morning of our shoot with cameras, a laptop computer and a photo assistant, ready to make our editorial team's vision come to life.

We chose Tucson's chic new bridal salon, Gigi Bridal Boutique, for the setting. We know you'll agree that the shop's sophisticated décor appears tailor made for our regal French-inspired shoot. We brought in the sumptuous chair and side tables from Ethan Allen. The rest is all Gigi!

"The mirror is part of the shop's actual décor and seemed a great backdrop, though it adds a layer of complexity to shooting, because you have to watch what it's reflecting," explains Chris Richards, who had to retouch the mirror's reflection a tad for our final image. We did not, however, retouch our model or the cakes--they were picture perfect already!

We are in love with the romantic Pronovias gown, which Guillian Bon owner of Gigi, chose especially for the shoot. Layers of delicate lace give this dreamy gown a vintage appeal.

Says Guillian, "The gown 'fontana' is very editorial in that it is different, almost edgy. It is a grand gown that should be carried with poise." She completed our bride's luxe look with crystal earrings, a stunning crystal cuff, and a hair comb to complement the lovely belt of the dress. "It was over-the-top styling but it still managed to look sophisticated," recalls Guillian.

A classic updo gives model Carin a romantic princess look, not unlike the famed Marie Antoinette, who is said to have famously uttered the words, "Let them eat cake!" Indeed!

Artisan Salon owner Martina Neal found inspiration from the hairstyles of Marie Antoinette's period. "I wanted to make it similar, yet with a bit of a softer, more modern look, since the dress is 2011," she says.

"As far as the makeup goes, I focused on pink!" recalls Martina. "We kept it on the softer side, with rosy cheeks and lighter lip color, and more emphasis on the eyes, adding lashes, which every bride should have." A little black beauty mark on the cheek was the perfect finishing touch for Carin's look.

Perhaps the first vendor to start preparations for this shoot was Ambrosia of Tucson's Jaynie Rossi. Her work on the shoot began weeks ahead of time, when she began visualizing which decadent delights she'd like to showcase on the cover of Tucson Bride & Groom.

The oval-shaped cake in the foreground, adorned with open peonies is a study in elegance."I love to make flowers," says Jaynie, whose mother taught her the fine art of decorating and baking. "Each flower takes about one hour to make, color and assemble."

Who wouldn't want to stop and savor the delightful desserts Jaynie created? And those amazing butterflies are reminiscent of the butterflies Jaynie's mom made in 1960. Proof positive that gorgeous style is timeless. And delicious--just ask our model, Carin Pomares.

After hours of test shots and previews on the photographer's laptop, we think you'll agree the final image has that feeling of spontaneity -- reminds us of how a bride feels when she finally gets to savor her own wedding cake!


Gigi Bridal Boutique

Chris Richards Photography

Photography Assistance:
Shaun Roby, SunStreet Photo

Cakes and Cupcakes:
Ambrosia of Tucson
Mini's Cupcakes

Gigi Bridal Boutique

Makeup Artist:
Martina Neal, Artisan Salon

Hair Stylist:
Martina Neal, Artisan Salon

Cupcake Wraps:
A Fine Line Stationery & Gift Boutique

Silver Cake Stands and Candlestick Holders:
Askren and Sons

Rose Petals:
Posh Petals

Black Sheep Filmworks

Ethan Allen

Carin Pomares