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Tucson Wedding Magazine: Tucson Bride & Groom’s Summer Fall Issue!
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Tucson Botanical Gardens provided the incredible background for our Summer Fall 2017 cover shoot; Guillian Bon of Gigi Bridal Boutique was inspired by the gardens’ Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life exhibit and you can see the result is gloriously colorful and artistic!

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Summer Fall 2017

You can pick up your complimentary copy of the Tucson Bride & Groom Summer Fall 2017 issue—the only Tucson wedding magazine you need to plan your wedding— at these establishments (if you don’t live in the Tucson area and would like a copy, there are instructions for ordering your copy on that page as well).

Location: Tucson Botanical Gardens

Stylist: Guillian Bon and Fernanda Batiz of GiGi Bridal Boutique

Photography: Scott Rice Photography

Hair and Makeup: Margarita GoDiva’s I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry

Floral: Posh Petals

Cinematographer: Black Sheep Filmworks

Gown: GiGi Bridal Boutique

Jewelry: Courtesy of The Castañeda Museum of Ethnic Costume

Model: Talina of The Agency Arizona

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine 

3 Things We Love | Tucson Bride & Groom Winter Spring 2017
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Every time we publish a new issue of our wedding magazine, we manage to incorporate beautiful wedding inspiration and wedding decor ideas plus a few new features and the Winter Spring 2017 issue of Tucson Bride & Groom is no exception! Here are 3 Things We Love about our new issue:

1. “The Most Beautiful You” feature. Margarita Potts and the team of Margarita GoDiva’s I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry had a vision to create several hair and makeup looks for brides and we went right along with the plan. The result is some crazy beautiful wedding day beauty ideas and we are so glad we were able to let Margarita “do her thing” because her “thing” is spectacular!

3 things we love _Tucson Bride and Groom_I DO Hair and Makeup Artistry_ She.We Studio

(See the feature online | Photographer: She.We Studio, Makeup and Hair: I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry, Gowns: Maya Palace)

2. Styled shoot: “Desert Cool”. This feature is a fresh look at Tanque Verde Ranch and all the possibilities couples have for planning their weddings in Tucson. The textures and details are on-trend and the models brought their A-game. You’ll get your ranch wedding fix with this styled shoot!

3 things we love _Tucson Bride and Groom_Tanque verde Ranch_Somethign Blue Photography

(See the feature online | Location: Tanque Verde Ranch, Designer: Rackel Gehlsen Weddings & Events, Photographer: Something Blue Photography, Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Margarita Go Diva’s I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry, Floral: Posh Petals, Cinematographer: Black Sheep Filmworks, Gown: GIGI Bridal Boutique, Models: Miranda and Lorenzo of The Agency Arizona)

3. The new Insider Perspective feature. The pages in this section of our magazine are filled with gorgeous photos and advice from our Elite Circle photographers for a fabulous wedding day. When you consider that you spend the most time with your planner and photographer, you can see how their perspective on weddings is quite valuable!

(See the feature online | Photographer: Steven Palm Photography)

We sincerely hope you enjoy our Winter Spring 2017 issue! Pick up a copy  and download a copy of our digital magazine here

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

Tucson Bride & Groom Winter/Spring 2017 Issue!
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It’s our favorite time of the year for so many reasons but the release of our Winter Spring 2017 issue of Tucson Bride & Groom tops our list this year. We’re incredibly proud to share our magazine with you- it’s filled with wedding planning advice, real Tucson weddings, and the insane talents of our Elite Circle wedding professionals. Enjoy!

Tucson wedding magazine _Tucson Bride and Groom_winter spring 2017

Tucson Bride & Groom Winter/Spring Cover Shoot Team:

Location: Tanque Verde Ranch
Photographer: Something Blue Photography
Gown: GiGi Bridal Boutique
Hair and Makeup: Margarita Go Diva’s I Do Hair and Makeup Artistry
Floral: Posh Petals
Videographer: Black Sheep Filmworks
Models: The Agency Arizona, Miranda and Lorenzo
Grooms Fashion: Tuxedos on Broadway
Bow Ties: Two Guys’ Bow Ties
Jewelry: Kendra Scott

 Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

Planning Your Tucson Wedding
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Planning your Tucson wedding is a fun and exciting adventure but it can also be a stressful adventure. Planning ANY large and important event is quite a task and when you add in the fact that you’ve probably never planned a wedding before plus the emotions involved in weddings, any couple could be pushed to their limit. In an effort to ease your stress and help you enjoy the planning process, we publish our regional wedding magazine, Tucson Bride & Groom, twice yearly- it’s packed with wedding inspiration, planning tips & advice and real Tucson weddings. We also know that couples turn to national sources to plan their weddings as well and while we can’t blame couples for wanting to dream big, we also know that relying on local resources is the best way to proceed when planning your Tucson wedding. Here’s why:

1. We highlight the subtle differences of Tucson’s wedding venues and locales that national magazines simply cannot do. For example, we explore and share the differences between the picturesque landscape of the Sonoran desert and the chic vibe of downtown Tucson. While planning your Tucson wedding, look at our pages. You can tell that we embrace the differences between a grand resort experience like Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, an elegant country club atmosphere like Quail Creek Country Club and the historic charm of a venue like Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort. This means that when you’re planning your wedding, our pages inspire you to explore the different location possibilities Tucson has to offer with confidence.

How to find your Tucson wedding venue_Tucson-Bride-and-Groom_Something-Blue-Photography_Loews Ventana CanyonSF14

(Location: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Photo: Something Blue Photography)

Planning your tucson wedding_Sunstreet Photo_quail Creek cc

(Location: Quail Creek Country Club, Photo: Sunstreet Photo)


(Location: Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort, Photo: Chris Richards Photography)

2. The smartest thing to do when planning your Tucson wedding is hire the right team of vendors. How do you know who the right vendors are though? Would you trust a national magazine to refer your local wedding vendors? Has the magazine staff ever worked on a shoot with them? Would they know them on the street? Do they have a relationship with them at all? We KNOW who we are recommending and that’s priceless for you- the Elite Circle list of vendors is all you need! Another bonus is that vendor teams that work together on a regular basis are immensely beneficial to brides and grooms- they run events more smoothly, know each other’s styles, and communicate better. They’ve already worked out the kinks. When you hire vendors from out of state, you are asking them to work in a completely unfamiliar setting yet expect them to produce the same results. SOME out-of-town vendors can pull it off, some only say they can to get your business.

(Behind the Scenes Videographer: Black Sheep Filmworks)

3. We create styled shoots that are realistic for the Tucson wedding market. National magazines may use rental products that are only available on the East Coast and flowers that would wilt in 3 seconds in Tucson. We inspire you by showing what is actually possible IN Tucson. We work with local vendors to create these shoots so you can hire the people whose creativity and talent is featured. We don’t work with vendors who are not professional and genuine so any styled shoot we publish is a team of vendors that you would potentially want to hire. By knowing our surroundings and what is available to brides and grooms planning their weddings, we are able to innovate in ways that national magazines don’t think is possible and absolutely do not make a priority.

Planning your tucson wedding_Scott Rice Photography_Westward Look_2

(Location: Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa, Photographer: Scott Rice Photography | Full Vendor Credit List)

4. Our advertisers are local so when you consult our Elite Circle vendor list to select your wedding professionals, you’re hiring people that we would use for our own weddings. Why is this important? When you hire local professionals, you are choosing to work with people who have critical knowledge of weddings in the Tucson area. Our florists know which flowers actually stand up to the  harsh desert weather as opposed to a florist from another state that references a generic “what’s in season” list. Bakers know what temp is just out of reach for a buttercream cake at an outdoor wedding and where the sun will be 2, 3 and 4 hours after they deliver your cake. Photographers know how to capture images that utilize (or when necessary, avoid) the Arizona sun, which is extremely unique and challenging for photographers. Coordinators who know the area are critical to your wedding day success and enjoyment- they plan for Tucson’s occasionally extreme weather (has a Florida based planner heard of a haboob? Probably not.), guest comfort and safety, transportation challenges, food and beverage limitations, and your comfort as well.

Planning Your Tucson Wedding_Amanda Rockafellow_Westin La Paloma_MC weddings

(Location: Westin La Paloma, Photographer: Amanda Rockafellow Photography)

5. We intentionally feature Real Weddings of couples that say “I Do” in Tucson. Why is this important to planning your Tucson wedding?  There’s a good chance that everything you see at their wedding is available to you- the venue, cake artist, photographer, rentals, invitations, floral, etc. Of course you won’t have the exact same wedding because wedding vendors are artists and don’t like to copy what they did for their past clients, but the quality, talent, and creativity is all available to you for your wedding. Pining over a venue or cake that you can’t get in Tucson can really spoil your wedding planning bliss!


(Photographer: She.We Studio | Full list of vendor credits)

6. Finally, our magazine shares much more relevant and specific information about wedding planning in Tucson than national magazines ever will. On our website, in our pages, and on our blog, you’re able to get insights and details that assist you in planning your wedding. You can download our wedding planning guide for even more extras that are relevant to planning your Tucson wedding. You can contact any vendor directly from our website for quick and easy planning. You also have instant access to bridal show dates, open house listings, and new venue information throughout Tucson via our social media channels and our website, including giveaways and discount alerts that national magazines are oblivious to. We’re passionate about weddings in Tucson and it shows in everything we do.

Planning your tucson wedding_Chris Richards Photography_Skyline CC

(Location: Skyline Country Club, Photo: Chris Richards Photography)

Think of planning your Tucson wedding this way: when you’re traveling to a new place, you can get information about where to go and what to see from many national sources but when you want to know where the best margarita is, or the most pristine and private beach, or the best club for local music, you ask a local. We are your local and we are proud to share our insider information with you!

Planning your tucson wedding_Scott Rice Photography_2

(Location: Tubac Golf Resort & Spa, Photo: Scott Rice Photography)

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

Introducing Snowe Online Wedding Registry
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As a couple planning a wedding, you’ll need to consider what to add to your wedding registry because even if you REALLY only want cash, you know that some of your guests aren’t comfortable with that approach. Your choices then become: A. register for at least a few items that you really want or B. risk getting a random gift that you’ll never use from a well-meaning gift giver. If you agree that registering for things you really want is the best option, then let us introduce you to Snowe, a very cool online wedding registry!

Online wedding registry_Tucson Bride and Groom_Snowe

Snowe, which just recently launched it’s online wedding registry, is a home essentials company that simplifies the process of finding luxury-level housewares. The first thing we noticed, and really liked, about the site is how Snowe organizes their products into 4 categories- Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe, making it an ideal one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need for your newlywed nest. 

Online wedding registry_Tucson Bride and Groom_Snowe Online wedding registry_Tucson Bride and Groom_Snowe

We love the names of these candles!

Online wedding registry_Tucson Bride and Groom_Snowe (8)

Snowe’s kitchen, bath, bed and homewares come in classic ivory, white and grey tones, offering Limoges porcelain serveware, Titanium-fired glassware, and Italian-made linens, each made of the same quality as many familiar, luxury brands, offered in one destination.

Bundles and Gifts are available so you can stock your online wedding registry with individual pieces or larger groupings- either way, the result is you getting a beautiful start to your new home or a refresh to your current home. This is the “Complete Home Bundle”- add it to your online wedding registry and you’ll be golden!

Online wedding registry_Tucson Bride and Groom_Snowe_complete home bundle.jpg

And here’s the Complete Sleep Bundle (they also have Drink and Bathe bundles)

Online wedding registry_Tucson Bride and Groom_Snowe_complete sleep bundle

There are a few notable perks of completing your online wedding registry on Snowe- the registry offers an expert guide so you’re not flying solo when you begin choosing your items and you can opt to receive your gifts immediately or put them on hold until you’re ready for them (so if you’re going on a honeymoon or moving shortly after you get married, you don’t have to deal with the gifts until the time is right) PLUS, Snowe offers a “thank you manager”, easy returns and exchanges, and a post-wedding discount.

To learn more about Snowe and to get your online wedding registry started, click here!

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

Get in Shape for Your Wedding with Wedding Gown Slim Down
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It’s not uncommon for brides to vow to lose a few pounds or get in shape before they say their “real” vows but it’s all too easy to lose motivation and not reach their goals. If you’ve made a similar pledge to yourself but don’t know where to start, get in shape for your wedding with Wedding Gown Slim Down! Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day and Rachel Allen, founder of Wedding Gown Slim Down is here to get you started.

Get in shape for your wedding_Tucson Bride and Groom_wedding gown slim down_logo

What is Wedding Gown Slim Down? It’s like nothing Tucson has ever seen! It’s a fitness group of like-minded people- brides- who have made a personal fitness and health goal and want to achieve it by their wedding day. The class is designed to tone, slim down, reshape and rev you up mind and body. And don’t be intimidated- all fitness levels are welcome and encouraged. You’ll get in shape for your wedding through the F.I.T.ness philosophy: Fun, Intentional and Transformative workouts paired with lasting lifestyle changes.

How is Rachel qualified to help me? Rachel Allen is a half-marathoner, an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a life coach. One of the most important things about her is that she has worked in the wedding industry for years which gives her a unique perspective on the stress and challenges brides experience while planning their weddings. She aims to help you get in shape for your wedding while feeling better and looking better every day.

Get in shape for your wedding_Tucson Bride and Groom_wedding gown slim down

What types of exercises will I be doing? To get in shape for your wedding, you’ll first do a physical assessment then you’ll be participating in core strengthening, stretching, endurance and having fun. You can do this!

How do I sign up? Classes are forming now for the Tucson group that will be located on Swan and Speedway. You can visit the Wedding Gown Slim Down website or just call Rachel at (520) 270.0409- she’s ready to get you started and will motivate you every day to achieve your goals!

What if I need even more motivation? The “Wedding Gown Slim Down Challenge” is just for you! Sign up to participate and there are prizes for weight loss winners and amazing raffles throughout the process. Many of the prizes are for wedding day services which is pretty awesome!

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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