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Meet Elite Circle Vendor Scott Rice Photography | Tucson Photographer
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You know our Elite Circle photographers from our magazines and online so you know they are the very best photographers you’ll find in Tucson; we’re incredibly proud to be able to share the work of this group of Tucson photographers with you but we also want you to know how GOOD they are as people. Each one of the Elite Circle photographers is talented and kind. They are creative and fun. They value your story and your time. They all deliver above and beyond expectations and one Tucson photographer we want you to know better is Scott Rice of Scott Rice Photography.

Tucson Photographer _Tucson Bride and Groom_Scott Rice Photography

Scott Rice is a guy who first and foremost has a love for the people he photographs- his heart is in it all the way! He says, “During my sessions I love interacting with my clients and making them feel at ease and letting them have fun. I strive to make sure everyone walks away having a really great experience while capturing great photos.”

Tucson Photographer _Tucson Bride and Groom_Scott Rice Photography

Tucson Photographer _Tucson Bride and Groom_Scott Rice Photography

This talented Tucson photographer recently filmed a promo video by Firefly Wedding Videography that we wanted to share with you- you’ll get a sense of his passion for his photography and his clients:

Tucson Photographer _Tucson Bride and Groom_Scott Rice Photography

Scott not only captures those perfect bride and groom moments but he also gets the sweet, fun, and candid moments that make him a Tucson photographer to watch

Tucson Photographer _Tucson Bride and Groom_Scott Rice Photography

Connect with Scott Rice Photography: Website | 520-730-4442 | Facebook

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How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue
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Planning your wedding begins with a date and a venue. If you don’t have those two things you simply don’t have a wedding, right?! Once you have a wedding date in mind, you’ll begin exploring wedding venues in the area (which can be super fun) but can also be overwhelming. See, Tucson has a serious reputation as a great place to get married so the large number of wedding venues in the area can lead to “too many choices paralysis”. Don’t worry though, today we’ve got the step-by-step guide for how to find your Tucson wedding venue!

Tucson Bride and Groom_Wedding Venue_JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa (2)

(JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa)

How to Find your Tucson Wedding Venue Step 1: Take a moment to dream. Finding your perfect wedding venue starts with a quiet place, your beloved and your imagination. Talk about the type of wedding you’re dreaming of. Is it romantic and intimate? Is it grand and adventurous? Maybe you want an outdoor wedding ceremony or a reception with a view. Perhaps you share a love of art and want a venue that reflects that or you adore the vintage style and want a venue with rich history. There are a great number of wedding venues available in Tucson so knowing what you want and don’t want helps immensely when discussing your options.

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Scott Rice_indoor ceremony

(Photographer: Scott Rice Photography)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Something Blue Photography_Editorial

(Photographer: Something Blue Photography)

How to Find your Tucson Wedding Venue Step 2: Discuss your budget and get a handle on your guest count. You don’t have to have a concrete number for either of these items but you must have a range that you’re planning to work with. You don’t want to waste your time fantasizing about a particular venue if their maximum number of guests is 75 and you expect to have no less than 150 attend. Similarly, if you tour a venue without doing your research, fall head over heels in love with it, and then discover your budget is way off the mark, you’ll be heartbroken. That’s no fun, is it? Be realistic and all will be well.

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_amandarockafellow_meganmeislin_michaelcontimica_100315_justmarried_0772

(Location: The Lodge at Ventana Canyon, Photographer: Amanda Rockafellow Photography)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Tubac_Holmes_Oz Visuals

(Location: Tubac Golf Resort & Spa, Photographer: Oz Visuals)

How to Find your Tucson Wedding Venue Step 3: Choose a few wedding dates and a general area that will work for you. If you’re not flexible on your date, start the process of searching for your wedding venue very early (12 months at the very least) since popular dates book quickly. If you can be flexible with your date, you’ll have many more venue options available to you. Regarding location, if you know all your friends and family plan to stay or already live in the downtown Tucson area, you might want to reconsider booking a venue that’s far from downtown. Similarly, if your wedding weekend vision is for all of your friends and family to stay together in one place and be together the whole weekend, choose a venue that can accommodate all of your guests and provide you with activities throughout the weekend.

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Loews at Ventana Canyon_Amanda Rockafellow_Callie and Jacob

(Location: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Photographer: Amanda Rockafellow Photography)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_She We Editorial_Reception

(Photographer: She.We Studio)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Chris Richards_Tores Flores

(Location: Marriott Tucson University Park, Photographer: Chris Richards Photography)

How to Find your Tucson Wedding Venue Step 4: Explore our wedding reception site guide. We provide a comprehensive list of all wedding venues in the Tucson area and includes vital information such as contact info, maximum capacities, minimum costs, if there’s a ceremony site available, if you can use outside caterers and special features. Since the guide includes all the venues in the Tucson area, you’ll want to review it carefully. Feel free to write notes in it- we love that! Click here for a list of locations that distribute our magazine.

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_reception site guide

How to find your Tucson wedding venue_Tucson-Bride-and-Groom_Something-Blue-Photography_Stillwell-House-and-Garden

(Photo: Something Blue Photography, Location: Stillwell House and Garden)

How to Find your Tucson Wedding Venue Step 5: Pick a wild card. You’ll definitely receive advice from well-meaning friends and family about where and when you should get married. It’s important to consider their experiences but choosing to tour a venue that isn’t what anyone expects you to consider can lead to a pleasant surprise. You may happen upon a place that you feel an instant connection with or a venue may have changed dramatically since your parents or friends were engaged and it could end up being your ideal venue.


(Photographer: Chris Richards Photography, Location: Tucson Museum of Art)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Westward Look_Steven Palm Photography

(Location: Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa, Photo: Steven Palm Photography)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Something Blue_Hacienda Del Sol

(Photo: Something Blue Photography, Location: Hacienda Del Sol)

How to Find your Tucson Wedding Venue Step 6: Book tours and hit the open house circuit! Our website has 2 extremely important and helpful features: 1. You can search wedding venues right on our website and contact venues directly using our “Request information” feature and 2. We maintain an updated list of all the wedding shows and events in Tucson so you don’t miss a thing. Once you have your sights set on a few venues, set up appointments with each venue coordinator (at least 3) and have fun at the open houses and wedding expos you are able to attend BEFORE signing any contracts or paying a deposit.

Tucson Bride and Groom_Elegant Purple wedding_Tucosn wedding_Amanda Rockafellow Photography_Skyline Country Club (1)

(Location: Skyline Country Club, Photographer: Amanda Rockafellow Photography)

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_amandarockafellow_meganmeislin_michaelcontimica_100315_justmarried_1026

(Location: The Lodge at Ventana Canyon, Photo: Amanda Rockafellow Photography)

How to find your Tucson wedding venue_Tucson-Bride-and-Groom_Something-Blue-Photography_Loews Ventana CanyonSF14

(Location: Loews Ventana Canyon, Photographer: Something Blue Photography)

If all else fails, or you just simply do not want to choose your wedding venue on your own, hire an expert to guide you. Elite Circle wedding planners are experienced professionals and know the venues better than anyone else in Tucson. Their advice and recommendations should be all you need, leading you and your sweet to finding your perfect Tucson wedding venue. Here’s a peek at our Elite Circle wedding pros list (from our print magazine). You can also explore all of the Elite Circle vendors easily online.

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Elite Circle

How to Find Your Tucson Wedding Venue_Tucson Bride and Groom_Wilgus_Indoor reception

(Location: Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, Photographer, cinematographer: She.we Studio)

Having lots of options isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to finding your Tucson wedding venue because it means you’ll have plenty of places to consider for your “I do’s” but too many options can stop any couple in their tracks. Hopefully our advice gets you started down the right path and ends with the sweetest wedding day ever!

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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Tucson Bride & Groom Summer Fall 2016!
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It’s all about fashion and fun on the golf course with the Tucson Bride & Groom Summer Fall 2016 issue…

Tucson Wedding Magazine_Tucson Bride and Groom_summer Fall 2016

You’ll have so much fun exploring our pages! Our new “10 Trends We Love” article and the real Tucson weddings are sure to inspire you while planning your own wedding and the all new “What You Need To Know” sections are snippets of the most essential questions and bits of info you’ll want to keep in mind as you hire your wedding vendors and plan your special day.

Pick up copies of the newest Tucson Bride & Groom at any of these locations and visit us online where you can download a digital version of the issue for on the go wedding planning!

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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Tucson Engagement Session: Aleesia and Mark’s Incredible Love Story
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Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography (1)

Aleesia and Mark’s story is one of incredible love and commitment so we’re just going to let them tell you the story and we’ll accompany it with some gorgeous Tucson engagement session pictures taken by Elite Circle photographer Scott Rice Photography. We usually ask questions about dating, and the proposal and other “couple” things like that but when you read their story, you’ll see why we skipped right over those…

Love at First Sight and One Heck of a Journey

Mark and I met by total chance when he decided to “friend request” me, of all places, on Facebook. We had a number of mutual friends and just shared a few innocent conversations back and forth before becoming literally inseparable in late-July of 2014. As hokey as it sounds, once we met, it was love at first sight for the both of us, which was very unique given both of our pasts with relationships and what we had experienced so far. We had both pretty much written off that true love might not exist, and then when we both least expected it, it hit us like a brick wall. Mark has two sweet little boys from a previous marriage whom I fell in love with instantly, and without any doubt in my mind knew that I would take them in as my own and we would love them unconditionally and raise them together. They call me “Mama,” which warms my heart to no end. Almost immediately we moved in together and eventually got our own place.

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography (2) Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography (3)

We were together just shy of three months when Mark decided to take me skydiving for my birthday. This was something I had always wanted to do and had only mentioned it a few times. Little did I know that he’s a man who actually listens and pays attention to detail. It was October 20, 2014, and the next thing I remember we were on our way to Eloy for a once in a lifetime adventure…jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 ft. That ride up was the final carefree adventure we would have in our, at that point in time, short relationship so far. The jump was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it, however, it started to get very interesting once we landed. From the moment we touched down on the ground I lost all recollection of anything from that point in time for about the next 11 days. This is where Mark comes in to tell the story…

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography (4)

At first, she was just very light-headed and dizzy. She had a tough time walking at first, but I figured that was some motion sickness because to be totally honest, I was feeling a little nauseous myself the first few minutes after landing; but hers wasn’t getting any better. As time passed on she was getting more and more sick and started to become disoriented with not knowing where we were at or what we were doing there. This is when my “red flags” started going up. Being a firefighter and paramedic for 10 years, at that time, I did a couple of quick checks and things were only getting worse. It got to the point where the entire left side of her body wasn’t functioning properly, she couldn’t walk at all, and had become completely disoriented and disconnected from reality. I thought she was having a stroke or an aneurysm at this point so I picked her up, scooped her into the truck, and rushed her to UMC back in Tucson. To make a long story short, they thought she was having a stroke as well, but after tons of tests they determined she had a large mass on the right side of her brain as well as a vertebral artery dissection on that same side. The next 11 days in the hospital were a miserable blur for her, but she’s the toughest woman I’ve ever met and did it with grace. Now, back to Aleesia…

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography (5)

I spent the next few weeks out of the hospital getting regular brain scans and check-ups because they didn’t remove it in that first 11-day stint due to wanting other things to heal first. The docs kept monitoring the tumor and it initially looked benign in all the imaging, but as time went on my symptoms were getting worse and the characteristics of the tumor were changing so drastically to the point that the neurosurgeon “called it” and scheduled my surgery right away. Come December 2, 2014, I was laying on the surgical table having my brain operated on for about four hours. The surgery was a success due to the most incredible work by the most meticulous neurosurgeon. Dr. Thomas Norton is truly a saint in our eyes for what he did and how compassionate of care he gave my family and I in all of this. When I was in recovery, it was the following night when Dr. Norton delivered the news that changed our lives forever. He looked at us both and said how sorry he was to tell us, but pathology reports the tumor as cancer. Not only cancer, but also the most aggressive and deadly cancer someone can have in their brain—Grade IV astrocytoma (aka glioblastoma). Needless to say Mark and I were both heartbroken and shocked at the news and just held each other. Now it was on to the next phase of this journey.

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography_6a

This is where I learned that no matter what happened, Mark was going to be by my side. He proposed to me on December 17, 2014, when I had just started my chemo and radiation therapy. Little did I know that he had bought the ring prior to our skydive in October and was planning on originally doing it sometime that week. Needless to say, our plans got a little bit altered that day. He had shown such love, dedication, and commitment to helping me through everything and never left my side for a single moment throughout either hospital stay. He slept on the uncomfortable hospital room chairs and neither my family nor his could pull him away from me, even for a single night. We could hardly make him go to the cafeteria for a few minutes to eat. He saw me go through the worst thing I had ever had to do in my life—aggressive chemo and radiation therapy while still recovering from brain surgery. He saw me lose almost all of my hair and was there to console me through all of it. He saw me so physically ill all of the time and couldn’t get out of bed some days and he still loved me like the day we met. He never missed an appointment. He was taking care of me day in and day out, no matter what it was. He withdrew from school for the rest of the year to take care of me and do as much independent research as possible to make sure we were doing everything we could to try and beat this. This was a major thing because his withdrawal from school meant giving up a life-long career goal in which he had been working unimaginably hard for when we met, which was also time-sensitive in order to attain. This was his last shot at that goal and he gave it up in a heartbeat for me, which I still can’t believe and I can’t thank him enough for all the sacrifices he has made.

For being in a new relationship and having all of this happen, I was positive no one in their right mind would possibly want to stay with me and endure this stressful life; but he never waivered or had to even think about it. He told me that he knew since the moment we met he would be by my side through thick and thin, and man did he mean it. I couldn’t be more blessed to have such an angel of a man in my life who is also my best friend, my one true love and soul mate. It has been well over a year now since this journey began and our love has done nothing but grow stronger and more intense each passing day. Scans are still stable at this point and we pray it stays this way, but the reality is it’s a waiting game and can come back at any time. We don’t know what the future holds, but we embrace the present and all the positive around us and are hopeful that a long happy life together is in the cards.

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson_ Engagement Session_Scott Rice Photography (8)

P.S. – This is Mark now. I just want to say, that no matter how sick she was or how awful she felt, she was always the most amazing partner and mother to our two little boys. I can’t imagine the headaches she’s had and how terrible she’s felt, but that didn’t stop her from taking care of all of us as well. She would still make herself get up and keep up on the house, make sure me and the boys were fed, had clean clothes and a nice place to call home, and even that they got their homework done every night. This is a REAL woman and quite frankly the strongest woman I’ve ever known of. She says a lot of sweet things about me above, but honestly I consider myself to be the luckiest man for having her in mine and our boy’s lives. I can’t picture my life without her, and I really REALLY hope I never have to, but I do know that I will love her forever no matter what.

P.P.S. Mark and Aleesia, we love you. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Congratulations (in advance) on the wedding!

All photos: Scott Rice Photography

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