Tucson Bride & Groom: Winter Spring 2015!
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This beauty of a wedding magazine is arriving at stores throughout Tucson and at the offices of Tucson’s Elite Circle wedding vendors this week!

Tucson Bride and Groom_wedding magazine_Winter Spring 2015_Cover

The vibrant colors, dramatic low back of the gown, lovely hair, and stunning bride make it one of our very favorites to date! Find copies at any of these fine establishments and visit our website for even more wedding inspiration (you can download our digital magazine from our website too)!

The Cover Shoot Team:

Floral Design and Creative Stylist: Villa Feliz Flowers

Something Blue Photography

Set Design and Furnishings:
Frostings Event Design & Rentals

Maya Palace

Hair and Makeup Stylist:
Artisan Salon

Jordan of the Agency Arizona

Shot on location at Frostings Event Design & Rentals

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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Tucson Bride & Groom Winter Spring 2015 Teaser Alert!
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Tonya and Daniel wed at Elite Circle wedding venue Reflections at the Buttes during a beautiful Spring evening and while we can’t show you much from the wedding (you’ll just have to wait a little while until our Winter Spring 2015 issue comes out- that’s the teaser part of today’s blog!), we wanted to share Tonya’s gown story. We think she’s absolutely radiant in this Maya Palace (an Elite Circle bridal shop) beauty:

Kirby Neuman_Teaser_Reflections at the Buttes_Something Blue Photography_Maya Palace_3

(Photo: Something Blue Photography)

Tonya tells us about her gown shopping experience: I only tried on a few gowns, and to be honest was never really excited about the dress shopping.  I figured I would just find a pretty dress and go with it and not really have any connection to a particular dress.  We (my mom and aunt came with me) had an appointment at one dress shop and my aunt made a special trip in from Phoenix.  When we got to the store, it was closed and no one had showed up for my appointment.  

We decided on a whim to go to Maya Palace which was just down the street from where we were.  It was about 5:40pm and they closed at 6, so we figured we could just look around for a few minutes. The owner of Maya Palace was there when we got there and told us we could stay as long as we wanted because she had some people working on the store anyway and had to stay.  We walked around and picked a couple dresses for me to try on and the owner walked around with us, asked me a few questions and pulled a dress off the rack that she said I needed to try on.  Sure enough, when I put on the dress she had picked, it was perfect.  It had just enough vintage feel, was a little sexy but still tasteful and elegant.  I felt beautiful and secure in it (I’m a little curvy and didn’t want anything falling out) .  

It was the exact opposite of what I wanted, I always thought I would want a big princess-y type dress, but this form fitting, lacy number with just enough sparkle was perfect. Another employee of Maya Palace picked my veil for me after listening to my mom and aunt and I in the store for a few minutes.  She picked up on my personality and handed me this perfect veil that they had just gotten in at the store.

Kirby Neuman_Teaser_Reflections at the Buttes_Something Blue Photography_Maya Palace_2

(Photo: Something Blue Photography)

Read more about Tonya and Daniel’s wedding in our Winter/Spring 2015 issue, on newsstands in December! You can find complimentary copies locally in Tucson and download our digital magazine directly from our website.

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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Great Find: Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont
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Guess what?! We found bow ties. Not just any bow ties but the bow ties we want grooms and groomsmen in Tucson to start wearing. And we want them to start wearing them now. Do we sound a bit bossy? Most definitely. But trust us, these ties are a game changer for guys and their wedding style.

We proudly introduce Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont to you, the men and women getting married in Arizona who want grooms and their guys to look really good on their wedding day and in the pictures that last a lifetime.

Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_ImperialPhoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_Gold-Bow-tie Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_BlenheimPhoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_Couper

If Pantone’s Spring Color Forecast is on your wedding color palette radar, there are plenty of options that will match or compliment any color scheme

 Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_Endpaper-Blue Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_Pagosa-Springs

We chatted with co-owner David Mutter to get his insights regarding men’s attire and a little more about the company:

Not only do you have a large selection of fabrics for ties but you also make each tie by hand. How did you decide that this was a principle that the company must uphold and how/why is it important to grooms?

Quality neckwear must be handmade. Period. Unlike other garments, ties are literally pulled and twisted into knots. Machine cut and processed accessories quickly look tired and worn. A handmade tie – such as those manufactured by Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont – is designed and crafted to retain a crisp elegant look. As a result, many of our clients wear us for the first time on their wedding day. They decide – or it is pointed out – that they should invest in a premier bow or long-tie to celebrate the occasion. When they discover our ties are typically only $40, they frequently become customers for life.

What trends do you see emerging for modern grooms regarding style of tie, colors, and fabrics?

Flight to quality. As men become more engaged in fashion, they demand higher quality. Repeatedly, our customers tell us they’re “sick of disposable” ties. Customers are sticking to the mantra ‘buy it right and keep it for life. Collaborative service. We cater to a select clientele and they expect quick, knowledgeable support. That’s why our customer service team is staffed by trained professionals at our facility in Middlebury, Vermont. Today’s customer has a range of options. Unfortunately, most companies fail to provide adequate service. For us, picking out the right tie is enjoyable. For example, weddings are a big part of our business. Why? We provide free swatches so the bride and groom can see and feel the fabric. The service is time consuming, but the result is so satisfying. It’s the only way we operate.”

Splash of color. Each year we issue over 300 different tie patterns – nearly one per day. We see – first hand – how customers are willing to embrace color and take risks. Even among our more traditional choices, men prefer a fresh contemporary interpretation.


If a groom wants a tie that is completely exclusive to his wedding (so no other wedding could ever have the same tie), are you able to accommodate him?

Absolutely. Each day, we are proud to compile unique wedding packages. Whether it’s a limited edition tie or monogramming the date into the garment, we are experts at personalizing ties so they are as special and unique as the occasion. This is why grooms turn to us to create truly memorable groomsmen gifts.

How much does the style and formality of a suit or tuxedo influence the type of tie a groom should choose?

A great deal. When a bride or a groom calls us, we ask a series of questions. When time of year is the event? What time of day will it take place? Is the ceremony inside or outside? What is the tone (i.e. formal or casual)? What is the color palette? The answer to these questions help shape the recommendations we make. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, we have a range of options other manufacturers simply can’t match. 


Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont also has quite a selection of fun and funky ties- perfect for the scientist, teacher, etc.

 Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_Mad-Scientist Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_HOOT Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Arizona-Wedding-Magazine_bow-ties_Beau-Ties-Ltd_Chalkboard

In addition to having a HUGE selection of patterns and styles, Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont has a VIP Swatch Service for grooms. Here’s how it works:  A groom calls Beau Ties to inquire about purchasing ties for his big day.  Rather than just selling him a tie on the spot, Beau Ties will create a free set of six different swatches – showcasing a wide variety that would be suitable to his needs.  Additionally, ties can be exclusively personalized to his liking – a monogram, the date of the wedding, or even a special message.

They will even make a custom fabric for you (at a crazy reasonable rate) so no other wedding party will have the same ties as you. Ever. Here’s a sample of a swatch card the groom receives with the service:


The ties from Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont are handwoven (in Vermont of course) and began out of a business man’s desire to have high-quality and attractive ties to wear to work. What started as a home based business has grown into a huge production that continues to expand by making men look fabulous all year round. Are Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont ties the only bow ties around? No. Are they the best bow ties around with impeccable customer service, top notch quality, and exclusive fabrics ? Without a doubt, yes! Find them online right here.

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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Wedding Accessories from Gigi Bridal Boutique
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We see pretty things and get a little starry- eyed so when we saw these beautiful accessories from Elite Circle bridal shop Gigi Bridal Boutique, there was no holding us back. The story is simple: these handmade accessories come to GiGi Bridal from England and are very unique in that they combine various materials into one classy and timeless piece. The one- of- a- kind accessories include feathers, pearls and rhinestones adorning belts, headbands, hairpins, and veils. 

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_accessories (5)

Gigi Bridal carries quite a few other accessories which are perfect for making your wedding day look completely unique, just like you!

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_accessories (4) Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_accessories (1) Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_accessories (3)

Why would you hang your wedding gown on a plain ol’ plastic hanger when you can have one of these sparklers?

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_accessories (2)

And did you know there’s a Pronovias trunk show coming to Gigi Bridal Boutique Dec 12-21?

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_Pronovias Trunk Show_December 2014

This is just one of the many outrageously beautiful Pronovias gowns you have to look forward to trying on:

Tucson Bride and Groom_Tucson wedding magazine_Gigi Bridal Boutique_bridal shop_Pronovias Trunk Show_Maddie

Register here for a special champagne reception Thursday December 11, 5-7PM or call to make your appointment: 520.777.7747

Tucson Bride & Groom, your Tucson wedding magazine

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